The Ben efit

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The Ben efit

Postby Vincent » Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:58 pm

The Ben Efit messed up the archive list of our songs.
I dont know what happened with him and protein but this is a no go.

Edit: I, proteininja, edited this post to remove offensive language and statements encouraging attacks. I believe I have preserved the original intent of the message.
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Re: The Ben efit

Postby proteininja » Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:27 pm

I imagine this is Valdrimari trying to stir the pot, but on off chance you are not I will explain.

A user named Valdrimari was upset with The Ben Efit and demanded that I ban him. I did not agree to do so, so Valdrimari began making inflammatory posts on the site. I then banned Valdrimari. He then took it upon himself to continue making inflammatory posts through new profiles (which is why I doubt your identity).

His most recent action was to gain access to The Ben Efit's gw2mb account. He or someone working on his behalf then proceeded to make 300 songs with racist, vulgar, and inflammatory titles under The Ben Efit's account name. Additionally they unpublished all of The Ben Efits legitimate songs,

I did my best to clean up after the attack, but one side effect is that because I republished his songs their update date is equal to yesterday.

Also, I took the opportunity to change the default sorting on the archive to be by date to make it easier for me to keep an eye on it from my mobile device which has trouble running the archive page.

I'm sorry if this inconvenienced you. I'm doing my best to recover from these attacks on the site. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the internet it is impossible to prevent bad actors from behaving in this way without severely limiting the access and abilities of legitimate members.

As always if you see a problem in the archive or in the forums the best way to let me know is via email.
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