The two real culprits of unplayable music

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The two real culprits of unplayable music

Postby Valdrimari » Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:04 am

My post in this thread: is the 19th post down from the OP. Please support! There is power in numbers.

I have single-handedly tabbed nearly 200 compositions to-date (not including what other musicians in the GW2MB community have contributed), and it is time the musician community gets some attention and not be put on the back-burner every time a change is made that inadvertently also messes up the in-game Instruments.

Instruments are unplayable for the following reasons:

1. One of the newest issues I noticed for 6 months causing issues with the in-game Instruments is as talked about in the linked Forum Thread above regarding the PvP Queue Ability. A couple members in the Guild [MGT] (Musicians Guild of Tyria) explained the issue to me after explaining what I was experiencing.

Every time you manually hold a Note or Chord down, the very last Note played repeats again. I know the PvP Queue Ability in some way, shape or form has always been there for PvP BUT it never affected the Instruments until fairly recently. That is ridiculous. The PvP Queue Ability should be allocated to PvP-only areas, not to affect every area outside PvP, and especially not to affect the in-game Instruments.

2. Some of you may know this, some of you may not, but the biggest culprit of unplayable music on the in-game Instruments is not because 1 Note goes on cooldown within the Octave it was played on, but EVERY Note of the same type goes on cooldown GLOBALLY on every Octave (verified and tested by me and a few [MGT] Guild Members). I never knew this until recently.

Whoever coded the in-game Instruments should have made a cooldown for each Note separately if and when those Notes are pressed too many times, but that is not what is happening AT ALL.

For example, if the E Note on the Low Octave goes on cooldown, the E Notes on the Mid Octave AND the High Octave also go on cooldown. That should not be happening.

Look, I get it. The Cooldown exists to prevent trolling by playing too many high notes, yet arguably, trolling even now can still be accomplished, so that to me is a very old excuse not to lift the cooldown restrictions. If trolling is such an issue to you Anet then you should make it where the Instrument Volume for every player in the Options is set to very low by default to not cause an annoyance OR mute Instrument Volume by default. THERE ARE simple solutions to the issue! We just need to push for them.

With all the above stated in mind, I ask that you please support the comment I made in the linked Thread at the very top and to also leave a comment and support the OP. I have done my fair share in the GW2MB community tabbing and sharing music (that is all I do in GW2 these days), and support is all I kindly ask in return to benefit us all. Reach out in numbers. Speak up! Already have? Let's speak up more and not give up on this. Otherwise, these issues remain stagnant with not even a chance to be fixed.

With your support, we can make a change if we stand together in numbers. I am only one individual.

Thank you.
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Re: The two real culprits of unplayable music

Postby jessiam » Mon May 01, 2017 8:00 am

Is this the reason why the codes I exported from this site plays differently in game? I noticed that some notes repeat themselves when they shouldn't (They don't repeat themselves when played in the website engine). I messed with the exported code in the unofficial app (Music Box app) and the way it fixed was to invert where the "sleep" line is from (ex):

SendInput {Numpad8 down}
Sleep, 500
SendInput {Numpad8 up}

SendInput {Numpad8 down}
SendInput {Numpad8 up}
Sleep, 500

It seemed to have fixed the issue when playing in game but it totally sucks to have to manually rework the code you just exported, lol.
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